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safe1587568 artist:anonymous1398 firelight351 starlight glimmer44620 oc609871 oc:starfire glimmer2 fish2210 pony857712 unicorn274338 clothes415220 crossover58259 cutie mark42312 daughter563 equal sign154 eyelashes5077 eyeshadow13527 family4030 father509 father and child455 father and daughter2247 female1228026 firelight glimmer11 glimmercest12 grandfather and grandchild76 grandfather and granddaughter26 grandparent and grandchild3 implied incest1500 inbreeding151 incest12393 makeup18343 male331097 mare427474 math785 meme79038 mother and child1314 mother and daughter5158 necktie6323 nostrils426 offspring34097 parent and child28 product of incest164 raised eyebrow6236 shipping184703 shirt21721 siblings6468 sisters7508 smiling218459 spongebob squarepants2685 stallion94499 straight122441 symbol356 teeth7837 thinking1731 thought bubble3040 thoughts32 underwater4559 vest3513 wall of tags2538 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2259


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Background Pony #9DCD
Thank you so very much for making this picture, Starfire Glimmer is amazing, i so very much hope that we will see much more of her in the future.

What does NGPN stand for?