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(Twilight): Did this filly say something that made him angry? Whatever she said, he shouldn’t lash out like that. Should I scold him for it? Probably…

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safe1597353 artist:mamatwilightsparkle277 spike74971 twilight sparkle285682 oc615024 oc:blue bell34 dragon49588 pony867034 unicorn277937 tumblr:mama twilight sparkle232 baby9784 baby spike660 book31092 clothes418617 comic102200 mama twilight1086 monochrome143626 overalls1511 tumblr34653 younger15687


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Also, I love the Teacher: an abused troope is that the teacher never punishs the bully but both the children. here Blue Bell understands very well whats going on and is responsable about her job.