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King Speedy Hooves; a contender for the most attractive stallion in all of Equestria (of course my heart belongs to Spicy Cider) but no mare with a beating heart can deny the appeal of this thiccums. Many a mare may admire from a far as he looks after his kingdom with compassion and grace but only Queen Galaxia gets to indulge in his many charms outside of royal duties, oh and their little foal Tommy who this stallion will revert to being a colt behind closed doors for, often letting the li’l foal/human ride atop his warm coat and soar through the air with him playing all manner of games together when he is finally able to get some restbite from his gruelling work.
safe1947420 artist:rainbowtashie704 big macintosh31081 flash sentry14173 shining armor25651 trouble shoes1318 oc823937 oc:king speedy hooves320 alicorn269970 pony1297228 alicorn oc32284 butt171392 commissioner:bigonionbean2469 cutie mark52156 extra thicc1174 flank2009 fusion6196 fusion:king speedy hooves319 horn112787 male451152 plot111410 simple background491030 stallion145889 the ass was fat18089 transparent background243392 wings169317 writer:bigonionbean2147


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