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Aerial Agriculture, now given a new lease on life as a result of the fusion between Creamy Clouds and Evening Emeralds. Free of any aches and pains that come with mortality, is able to put his life experiences and sheer wisdom to good use. Arguably one of the best uses is telling and being able to charade nighttime stories to his dear grandson Prince Tommy (and RT too if she happens to be staying over for Earthing Elements' famous fudge milkshake and salted caramel cookies that evening)
Sure newfound alicornification has many practical and magical uses but the most precious of all is being able to keep up and provide for his family if best dad/grandad can do that, then he doesn't wish for anything else in life.
safe1575586 artist:rainbowtashie521 bow hothoof915 gentle breeze296 igneous rock pie819 night light2006 oc604986 oc:aerial agriculture44 alicorn195330 pony845779 alicorn oc22021 butt27491 clothes409115 commissioner:bigonionbean1378 cutie mark40715 extra thicc645 flank1167 fusion4441 fusion:aerial agriculture45 hat76636 horn43318 male305504 plot71202 shirt21253 simple background345692 stallion92689 thicc ass775 transparent background179659 wings76056 writer:bigonionbean1130


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