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happy birthday myoozik!!! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

is a big surprise for you, a rocky road cake with gems :D
safe1575536 artist:wheatley r.h.132 derpibooru exclusive24373 oc604968 oc only409714 oc:myoozik the dragon39 oc:twi clown25 oc:w. rhinestone eyes67 changeling40123 dragon48178 unicorn266216 banners4 bat wings5916 bipedal30577 birthday cake754 blue changeling1501 bowtie8590 cake8880 changeling oc6499 clothes409098 clown makeup115 clown nose268 confetti1716 cutie mark40715 cutie mark on clothes954 dragon oc686 eyes closed80202 female899337 food60833 gem5392 glasses54935 hair1285 happy27627 happy birthday1064 hat76631 honeypot changeling18 horn43314 male305492 mane1464 mare415496 sharp teeth3215 shirt21252 spread arms112 spread wings47820 table8194 tablecloth85 teeth7799 top hat3743 unicorn oc4386 vector71220 watermark14517 wings76048


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