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Celestia greets you with open arms! “Welcome fair traveler to the kingdom! I am Princess Celestia. Co-ruler of this marvelous realm. It would be my pleasure to show you around this place that me and so many others call home! It is a place of wonders, magic, and breath-taking sights!”
suggestive164942 artist:baron engel2308 princess celestia102261 mermaid2390 seapony (g4)5970 anthro299608 absolute cleavage4444 armband972 armpits44678 bikini21431 bikini top2297 breasts323693 bridle4159 busty princess celestia11671 cleavage39161 clothes532764 dorsal fin1160 ear piercing33243 earring25662 erect nipples13593 female1535197 fish tail2281 flowing mane2610 grayscale42344 horn104920 horn jewelry748 horn ring6457 jewelry83775 mare577262 mermaidized1452 monochrome159975 nipple outline9121 open mouth183211 pencil drawing9246 piercing50262 praise the sun2198 sealestia88 seaponified2959 seapony celestia45 smiling308727 solo1209558 solo female199267 species swap22611 swimsuit33360 tack5727 tail54626 tail ring511 traditional art127472 underwater6932 water17205 wristband4279


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Background Pony #BA9B
Calling her “Sunfish” would be just about as unwise as calling her “Sunbutt” in her other forms, I’m guessing.