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Background Pony #DBB1
@Background Pony #E474  
Ironically, FiM is rated TV-Y (same as Dora the Explorer), while Pony Life is rated TV-G (same as cooking shows or chess competitions). Completely detached from reality.
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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #E474  
More specifically, it’s likely “fun-for-the-whole-family”, much like FiM. Not everything designed to be “fftwf” is given overly intelligent writing or hyper details. Otherwise, adults wouldn’t necessarily enjoy LEGO games or draw mountains of Zootopia “art”. ;D
Background Pony #E474
I don’t see why people complain about this show. It’s supposed to be for kids.
Background Pony #40C4
Applejack is getting tired of all the discourse happening in all the Pony Life images as of late. And I can relate. Hopefully this image won’t become a warzone like the others.
Background Pony #320D
Applejack, you can’t eat all those apples, you’re gonna get a wicked-bad tummyache!
Background Pony #7FFD
Adorable! And finally a promotional picture of Applejack where she has freckles.