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!BANG! story:
"Eeeek!!! He-hey! What're you trying to pull here!? That tickles!"

"No need to fret princess! Honey and GG said it was all part of the treatment. Tickle therapy is what I think they called it…"

"Ohoho nohohoho! My hooves are so sensitive! Eeeek! P-please tell me it doesn't go on for much longer…"

"Well, how best to put it…"

>Lilac Luster
>Dandy Brush
>Rose Quarts

>Elizabat Stormfeather

suggestive148436 artist:goomingtoll26 dandy brush15 lilac luster23 princess cadance33158 rose quartz12 oc712276 oc:elizabat stormfeather429 alicorn232969 bat pony52212 bat pony alicorn2202 crystal pony4615 earth pony266188 pony1011092 alicorn oc27636 alternate hairstyle29085 bat pony oc18886 bat wings10050 bedroom eyes61386 bipedal36225 bondage34916 brush1974 butt65972 chair7110 erotic tickling979 eyeshadow16584 fangs26706 feather6273 female1402358 femdom8376 femsub11038 fetish41713 frog (hoof)13883 grin40957 hairbrush418 hoof fetish2523 hoof hold8616 hoof tickling748 hoof worship138 horn77711 laughing8301 licking20863 makeup22833 mare502414 massage chair11 missing cutie mark4778 monochrome152353 open mouth154504 plot82147 raised hoof48457 raised leg8083 shrunken pupils3379 sketch64561 smiling261139 spa1285 submissive17143 sweat27651 tickle fetish1789 tickle torture2468 tickling4762 tongue out108307 towel3844 underhoof53869 wall of tags3657 wings123220


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