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Original art: >>2300663
suggestive128185 artist:tawni-tailwind69 edit117819 edited screencap56160 screencap199625 sci-twi22110 sunset shimmer57709 twilight sparkle282948 alicorn195593 pony846938 unicorn266827 equestria girls180433 equestria girls series28500 forgotten friendship4648 bedroom eyes51593 bookshelf3074 bra14042 breasts240087 busty sci-twi480 busty sunset shimmer4551 busty twilight sparkle10547 canterlot library62 clothes409652 daydream shimmer816 female900560 glowing eyes9794 jaw drop218 lesbian92277 library2878 lidded eyes25739 looking at each other16466 midnight sparkle2358 midnightdaydream48 panties46161 scitwishimmer2568 shipping184190 shocked5758 smiling215364 smugset shimmer126 spread wings47891 sunsetsparkle4718 symmetrical docking1118 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115322 underwear55308 wingboner7792 wings76324


not provided yet


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Background Pony #07AF
So that's what's in the restricted section of the library… I guess age restricted is the better description, lol
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