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my mlp oc/ponysona colors,cutie mark and all forms  
which form out of my mlp oc’s/ponysona’s 14 forms is your favorite?  
normal form  
fire form  
super form  
hyper form  
ascended form(a.k.a ultra form)  
super ascended form  
rainbow power  
super rainbow power  
nightmare form  
bat form  
pinkamena/dark form  
armored form
safe1919175 artist:twidashfan1234105 nightmare moon18349 pinkie pie234515 princess cadance36018 rainbow dash254879 rarity199260 twilight sparkle326894 oc810011 oc only598032 oc:firefly solstice52 alicorn264416 bat pony61386 pegasus382613 pony1266764 action pose1290 alicornified6399 angry31581 armor26731 armored pony186 artificial wings2245 augmented3309 bangs400 base used28098 bases used40 bat ears455 bat pony oc23579 bat wings13211 black324 blue1386 blue coat610 blue eyes7923 brown153 brown eyes823 brown mane1038 butterfly wings674 chin up40 closed mouth331 clothes540236 clothes on pony7 colored wings9110 cutie mark51946 digital art24612 donut steel637 equine390 evil3385 evil grin5294 eyebrows13749 eyes closed115170 eyes open765 eyeshadow21157 fangs31590 female1554559 flying45409 folded wings11393 food83815 gossamer wings82 green780 green coat240 green eyes6420 grin50026 helmet12968 hoof shoes7109 hooves21917 horn108691 jewelry85996 large wings1930 lines51 looking away4495 low res image71 lowres1373 makeup29037 mane of fire1584 mare588122 multicolored hair8383 multicolored mane2885 multicolored tail2096 multicolored wings3682 needs more saturation685 nightmare1521 open mouth187523 orange1104 orange background1113 pants18032 pegasus oc22915 peytral4597 pinkamena diane pie20670 ponysona3179 race swap17211 rainbow power2982 rainbow power rainbow dash7 rainbow power twilight sparkle14 rainbow power-ified685 raised hoof57331 recolor4888 red756 red coat155 red eyes8140 red eyes take warning185 red eyeshadow52 reference sheet15439 regalia27689 royal guard9102 shirt30978 shoes47104 showing teeth14 simple background480679 slit pupils5865 smiling315392 sneakers5757 spread wings70820 stance68 standing17063 stars19103 striped mane307 super form71 tan coat77 teeth13758 traditional art128687 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135741 wall of tags5132 wat20514 white495 windswept hair258 windswept mane3137 windswept tail197 wings163113 yellow421


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