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Just adding in a quick note because I've had a surprising amount of people ask about this: I drew Trixie with a rotary phone rather than a cellphone, as a reference to 'The Baby Sitters Club', and general American 80s pop culture since that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Babysitter Trixie meme going around. Also just because I thought it would be cute and fun to include!
safe1588011 artist:ravensunart480 trixie62721 pony855415 unicorn270970 alternate hairstyle24797 babysitter trixie372 clothes414030 colored17896 cute180669 diatrixes2833 female916491 flat colors1759 gameloft interpretation186 hoodie12457 leg fluff2531 looking at you146173 mare420685 one eye closed25705 open mouth124814 phone5206 pigtails4010 rotary phone19 simple background349373 sitting55774 solo981231 talking4518 transparent background180956 twintails1498 wink21898


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Very cute! The phone looks like one of those where each 'hole' is actually a raised button (those were a thing in the 80s; Bell Telephone started rolling out Touch Tone service around 1964 or so).