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"I gotta say, I didn't hate the idea."
safe1574571 artist:matchstickman198 apple bloom46532 diamond tiara9670 anthro230089 earth pony198684 plantigrade anthro26796 tumblr:where the apple blossoms57 abs9203 apple brawn145 biceps782 boots19151 boxing gloves879 boxing ring265 breasts239378 busty apple bloom1446 busty diamond tiara357 chibi13127 clothes408681 comic101396 deltoids175 dialogue60543 drink4339 duo49326 female898427 flexing981 mare415121 matchstickman's apple brawn series72 muscles9942 older22997 older apple bloom1618 older diamond tiara652 pecs459 poster4849 punching bag172 shirt21211 shoes30274 shorts12161 simple background345318 speech bubble20531 sports bra2633 sweat22945 table8187 tumblr comic1022 white background87025


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