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safe1575624 artist:mrscroup142 oc604999 oc only409726 earth pony199048 pony845804 equestria at war mod254 clothes409127 duo49392 female899400 flag3457 gun14586 hat76637 hearts of iron 449 male305511 map1210 mare415535 military uniform1006 original location52 prone23332 rifle3400 soldier1691 stallion92694 uniform9266 weapon27220


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Background Pony #008A
I like this description but I don't see how the rise of a merchant class would cause a city to "become a shadow of its former self." Seems to me it would just become more focused on economic rather than military dominance like Skyfall. Also "descendants" is misspelled.
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Going by what's on the wiki, the idea is that originally you had the earliest pony civilization living in the furthest north of Equus — that would be where the Founders lived before the windigos happened. A good long while before that point, some ponies make the hop across the northern strait to the Griffonian continent and become the ancestors of these guys here. Eventually, the windigos come along, turn the original pony homeland into the frozen waste it's now, and the ponies living there are forced to move south and found Equestria.

The Equian and Griffonian ponies had become very isolated by that point, though, so the ancestors of the River Federation only learned about the whole business with the windigos and the migration and Equestria once explorers from the latter started charting out the world and stumbled across them.

Ponies originally spread over most of Griffonia's north and east, apparently, but the rise of the Dread League in the north and the ensuing pushback by the griffons led to a number of griffon nations being established between the Riverland settlers and everyone else.
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A waste of biomatter
Never understood if the River Federation ponies were related to the Equestrian Three Tribes or not. Aren't they on the other side of the World from Equestria?
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