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Cool is a relative term.

Based on the music video of "Cool Patrol" by Ninja Sex Party (specifically at 1:50)
suggestive128082 artist:astr0zone901 oc605172 oc only409814 oc:astrozone77 oc:bric-a-brac55 oc:calorie24 oc:dobbin24 earth pony199180 pegasus239732 pony846033 unicorn266322 clothes409220 cosplay26568 costume24689 disgusted1090 eating8695 eyes closed80227 female899608 floppy ears46640 food60853 foodplay1542 frown21647 headband2907 hoof in mouth257 jar923 looking at you144000 male305619 mare415672 ninja759 ninja sex party42 on back22428 open mouth123168 peanut butter371 ponytail15620 smiling215048 song reference3087 speedo442 stallion92752 underwear55248


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