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Originally posted on: May 17 2020
Here it finally is my second round of the #sixfanarts challenge I personally liked how this one turned out more than the first one! Thanks to everyone's suggestions on this one too! This drawing I gave them a formal wear theme! ———————————————- Characters: ( #leela #garnetsu #nausicaa #tempestshadow #toadstool #howiethedog ) Fandoms: ( #futurama #stevenuniverse #studioghibli #supermario #mlp #almostnakedanimals #nintendo #cartoonnetwork )
safe1574965 artist:tmntsanrioships1 tempest shadow15362 anthro230222 cyclops251 dog8582 human142009 pony845304 unicorn265942 six fanarts805 almost naked animals2 anthro with ponies2261 broken horn12745 bust40686 clothes408847 crossover57103 dress39525 eye scar4443 female898735 futurama821 garnet (steven universe)152 glasses54897 goggles13240 hat76586 horn43214 howie2 leela41 male305329 mare415224 nausicaa of the valley of the wind40 scar10437 smiling214814 steven universe1314 suit5113 sunglasses12978 super mario bros.3519 talking4378 toad (mario bros)114 traditional art109235 trenchcoat557 waving2521 wedding dress1568


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