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Some alternate ideas I had. Added black highlights to flutters, I also had this idea of if sunset's eyes were permanently black after the she-demon thing.
safe1581057 alternate version34468 artist:ironmatt199514 fluttershy198860 pinkie pie203956 rarity170422 sunset shimmer57166 equestria girls180982 alternate hairstyle24580 alternate universe9459 black sclera1660 dark skin3972 female925603 fluttergoth696 implied sunshyne14 lesbian91648 metalshy73 shipping183990 slap408 slipknot34 sunshyne167 text51439


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8 comments posted

I geniuenely would love to see more of this universe :)
Also, I like Sunset's scelera staying black as a side effect of her transformation!

The black highlights on Flutters' hair… Not so much. But I think I could get used to it.