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Uh oh… Looks like Twilight got caught by Nightmare Moon's guards while trying to sneak into one of her castles, and is being punished by being wrapped up and turned into a mummy. Unless she's rescued soon, Twilight will spend the rest of her days mummified and sealed inside a sarcophagus prepared just for her.

An attempt at doing feral mummification in Garry's Mod. Not quite as good as it could be; hopefully future attempts will be better.
artist needed25261 suggestive128030 twilight sparkle282716 bat pony43450 pony845761 unicorn266218 3d62651 bondage30342 dungeon851 female899346 future twilight1009 gmod6976 gritted teeth10345 horn43316 horn ring5054 inhibitor ring78 magic suppression3611 male305495 mummification311 night guard1736 peril695 solid sparkle87 story included7763 table8195 unicorn twilight12902


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