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Just Fluttershy getting ready for her tea party. She knows how to get what she wants…

Tried out some new linework techniques and super light shading on here, lemme know what you think :)
suggestive128204 artist:purblehoers6 fluttershy198012 pegasus240196 pony847114 bust40852 cute177817 female900696 food60963 happy27683 implied straight5132 mare416256 mouth hold15503 pills304 shyabetes11475 solo974281 spoon1252 table8208 tea2839 viagra19


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #F9F4
If all Fluttershy wanted was for Mac to screw her, all she'd have to do is flash her ass at him. Clearly she wants him to make her unable to walk for awhile.

Your line work is lookin' great.
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