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It’s First-Aid Kit, the traveling sphinx doctor :D
safe1882329 artist:badumsquish2185 derpibooru exclusive32009 oc788665 oc only584279 oc:first-aid kit1 sphinx2224 bag6361 female1520428 folded wings10265 hair bun3971 happy35732 hat101051 looking at you199967 mountain6077 mountain range705 nurse2409 nurse hat775 raised tail18834 saddle bag6584 sharp teeth4675 show accurate21678 smiling303619 solo1198145 sphinx oc705 stars18535 tail52177 teeth12765 wings153915


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Floofy & Friendly Plone
“First rule of medical sphinxes in active duty”
“Do not, repeat, do not accidentally step on the person you are trying to aid, no exceptions”
All joking aside, how would she work at all? If she’s fun-size she can work with regular ponies but… If she’s king size bed what she would do? Giant ambulance? She uses some weird al artifact to change her size?
Background Pony #154F
So dose she magic up all her medical stuff or does she get them from a hospital?

Doot Doot
(My head canon)  
Answer wrong and you have to be her pet slave servant “assistant” untill your payment is done. She expects her gear clean, claws filed, wings preened,hair washed fur brushed, and belly rubbed each workvday/week. Cuddles don’t count as payment but are appreciated.
Background Pony #154F
Your on a sphinx role , i can now say that sphinxs are my third favorite mythological creature second is dragon and first place is kistune.. Like renamon❤😍
Background Pony #3A19
I imagine her services are in particularly high demand these days. Whenever I see a medical practitioner these days, I always make sure to thank them for their service and wish them well, just as I would a member of our armed forces.