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safe1576222 artist:jowybean837 applejack158903 pear butter2405 twilight sparkle282836 twilight velvet3835 earth pony199308 pony846285 unicorn266492 fanfic:slice of velvet and pear1 alternate universe9276 beautiful4677 blank flank7019 commission52066 cute177530 detailed690 fanfic10202 fanfic art13058 fanfic cover1170 female899864 filly59558 high res21405 jackabetes5112 magic65899 mare415832 mother and child1001 mother and daughter5082 open mouth123215 scenery7199 scenery porn733 telekinesis24723 twiabetes10256


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Y'know, i've been making my own take on mlp. I personally enjoy it. I'll start out by saying that it takes place in 1980 and onward. The mane six's parents go way back to when they were fillies, so naturally, the mane six have known one another since foal hood.

Twilight graduates princess celestia's school of friendship in 1980 after being enrolled at a young age. She would see her friends on holidays but that was it. I've also done a different take on ponyville. Instead of small flats with one path, imagine a bunch of spaced out and widened trees with various exterior designs such as lights, lanterns, bird houses, wind chime bells, mailboxes covered in wood, tiki poles etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. I came up with so much years and years ago.

Instead of our usual day and night cycle, daytime in equestria has a more yellow or orange sky. Noon would come with a dark blue sky and red clouds and most of the clouds would eventually deteriorate to reveal the sunset. The night sky has a yellow tinge to it over the horizon. The princesses still control the sun and moon. Basically the entirety of equestria is just scenery porn.

The storyline is darker, some characters I've decided to tweak in personality to have a deeper connection, I've changed some designs to an extent including cutie marks. For example, I always thought apple bloom's cutie mark should've been a big blooming apple in the shape of a heart. You'd know why. I have so many details. All of this is drawn and written on paper but I don't know about uploading it.
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he ate Good Eric
Ironically, in the timeline where Applejack's parents lived and where Twilight made good friends from a young age, Nightmare Moon successfully conquered Equestria.
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The art style.
The detail.
The characters and what they're doing.
What can I say…this is pure gold..probably best mlp fanart I've seen today
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Looking at Jowy's art is like looking at those Buddhist sand mandalas with their obsessive level of detail and bright colors, only far more permanent.
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