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Ruby from Jewelpet has a human form that powers up her magic, while Twilight loses said magic in human form. Ruby also has muscle.
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Mega PoNEO
Artist -

Jewelpet Death Battles would increase public interest in JP and get it uncancelled. I planned the match-ups to make Trixie the ONLY character in Death Battle history to defeat a Jewelpet (Luea), which will promote Trixie to an MLP anime protagonist.
Mega PoNEO
Artist -

First of all, the Jewelpets cast spells with their eyes, smartphones, and paws (hands in human form). Second, their magic works perfectly fine in the Human World. And finally, they can personally combine their own magic into an EoH-style laser instead of relying on ancient friendship-powered artifacts that can be destroyed very easily.
Background Human
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CHS, Class of 20XX
Because we were trying to keep the horse magic to a minimum around here. We've got enough shit to deal with, what with the nuclear weapons and social media.