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safe1752980 artist:ohemo208 princess flurry heart7509 shining armor23658 alicorn233266 unicorn343282 anthro270011 unguligrade anthro50320 :o3909 abstract background16137 armor24500 atg 2020921 clothes476741 cuirass48 eyes closed98344 father and child1031 father and daughter2690 female1404024 filly69794 gauntlet341 gloves20989 greaves93 grin41084 literal408 male388765 namesake508 newbie artist training grounds6501 open mouth154879 pauldron125 reflection3310 skirt41132 smiling261782 spread wings57208 stallion116032 sword11992 tassets1 weapon31473 wings123571


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Background Pony #D499
Flurry: WOW Daddy, your armor is so clear is like a mirror!(Flurry see she got something in her tooth and she use her magic to remove it carefully) daddy dont move!  
Shining: what are you doing?( he see Flurry use his armor as a mirror) Flurry you go to the bath room for this!  
Flurry: I finish, got this (throw it the trash) is gross, thanks daddy, Oh and be careful in your mission and good care uncle flash too and all the guards, Bye!(she run to the library were Twilight is be!  
Shining:….sometime is not get my own daughter!  
Flash: Well, i know what i feel when i be in the same place of with my daughter when she be this age, for now she got only 1 year and 2 month…but when she will have 10 years, i will feel the same!
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