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Artist's comment:
Was an absolute joy working on this one for @monokuromatic but I hope these colourful horses may make your day a bit brighter, even if just a little. Please stay safe out there! πŸ’œ

Uploader comment:
Tumblr link found through this Fimfiction blogpost. Then I started messing with the image URL and eventually found this 5250x3500 version.

Other sources:
- Twitter
safe1575174 artist:lollipony198 pinkie pie203208 princess luna93983 rarity169687 twilight sparkle282661 alicorn195230 earth pony198872 pony845479 unicorn266021 fanfic:the enchanted kingdom25 blushing175798 campfire915 chest fluff32465 commission51950 cuddling7833 digital art11847 ear fluff23339 fanfic art13047 female898970 fire10057 floppy ears46620 forest8798 glowing horn16659 happy27621 horn43250 hug25465 jewelry50887 lesbian92207 looking down6763 looking up14127 lying down9487 magic65854 mare415312 necklace15237 night22712 open mouth123066 prone23319 raised hoof39277 rarilight1834 scenery7196 shipping183990 sleeping21728 smiling214878 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115180 winghug2636


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