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twitter meme
safe1726211 artist:witchtaunter476 bon bon16546 lyra heartstrings29844 sweetie drops16545 earth pony256247 pony986480 unicorn331960 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 bed41558 bedroom10595 bon bon is not amused1055 female1380589 l.u.l.s.205 lesbian98046 lyra plushie263 lyrabon3381 meme82424 meta16660 narcissism336 not amused face193 plushie24310 self plushidox61 shipping202726 sleeping23692 twitter3240 unamused16473 wife and wife6


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Background Pony #0224
$500 for a four foot plushie?
How did you get such an unbelievable deal, Lyra?
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