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original request:
Fluttershy holding a bunch of chicks or other lil birdies under her wing.
safe1585460 artist:anonymous1343 fluttershy199213 bird6901 chicken1423 pegasus243561 pony853067 /mlp/9192 4chan6271 blushing177430 chick magnet15 chicks35 cute180098 drawthread2141 eyes closed81003 female907390 fluffy12963 fluttermom207 grass8283 hiding behind wing60 hiding under pony2 hug25620 kindness169 lidded eyes26203 mare419494 prone23452 shyabetes11693 smiling217599 solo979350 spread wings48251 weapons-grade cute3233 wing fluff1453 wing shelter25 wings78267


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