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Been having an art block tbh. I wanted to jump on the train but i can't draw for shit!! The only problem i face is the shading. I wanna do simple sometimes but it doesnt pop sometimes but when i do detailed crazy shit, It doesn't quite fit. Any suggestions? Thank you! 🙏
safe1690258 artist:moodi92 cozy glow7293 lord tirek5224 queen chrysalis34493 centaur3331 changeling46728 pegasus285509 pony951898 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 blanket5258 bow28088 child support8 cozybetes1195 cute197452 female1348156 filly65512 hoof over mouth249 legion of doom305 meme81483 missing accessory8046 pillow17638 queen chrysalis is not amused81 sleeping23234 tirebetes206 unamused15967 vulgar20517


not provided yet


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