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safe1750326 artist:switchsugar48 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl321 oleander (tfh)1204 pom (tfh)720 classical unicorn4225 dog9857 lamb537 sheep1598 unicorn342251 them's fightin' herds4784 adorapom34 awwleander17 bell4592 blushing204617 cloven hooves10605 community related4376 cute205676 eyes closed98044 female1401718 happy32184 head scratch70 leonine tail9197 lineless4045 moments before disaster42 onomatopoeia4574 open mouth154291 puppy619 sheepdog3 sitting65584 sleeping23934 smiling260869 sound effects2256 tail wag1118 unshorn fetlocks27159 when she smiles1065 zzz2509


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@Background Pony #C025
Ah, someone who has played the game too, I would guess.

Depending on how they are played, I feel Velvet and Pom are far overpowered due to the insane amount of ways they can hit you from any angle and at any time.
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