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"She's Mine"
safe1598487 artist:chopsticks479 starlight glimmer45046 sunburst6014 trixie63359 pony867863 unicorn278240 argument751 blushing179574 cape9343 cheek fluff4673 chest fluff33398 clothes419003 comic102241 cross-popping veins1410 dialogue60108 ear fluff24598 female1271448 floppy ears47010 forced kiss54 glasses55783 glowing horn17213 grayscale35422 hoof fluff1179 horn49255 kissing22747 lesbian91079 love triangle389 magic67284 male337909 monochrome143674 robe3261 shipper on deck1381 shipping186057 shipping denied849 straight126097 sunburst's robe334 surprise kiss754 teleportation581 text52620 trixburst73 vein bulge2434 yelling2842


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