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After having her courage bolstered by one, (or more) glass of wine, Rarity is ready to show off her beach-bod to a certain farm-titan.
Bonus AJ reaction image. <3
suggestive159572 artist:longinius858 rarity194755 unicorn393193 anthro292100 absolute cleavage4265 alcohol8156 beach babe894 beautisexy1112 bikini20678 blushing221551 bracelet11452 breasts315103 busty rarity14506 cleavage38310 clothes518248 dialogue73565 female1499679 gem7205 glass5335 hand on hip9211 hat99319 heart54801 implied applejack783 implied lesbian3887 implied rarijack478 implied shipping5704 jewelry79921 legs together1261 mare556195 monochrome158001 offscreen character39609 partial color5770 pencil drawing8977 ribbon7776 simple background454700 solo1181519 solo female195388 speech bubble27666 sun hat1133 sweat30396 swimsuit32205 text68306 traditional art125575 white background114985 wine2880 wine glass1736


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