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After having her courage bolstered by one, (or more) glass of wine, Rarity is ready to show off her beach-bod to a certain farm-titan.
Bonus AJ reaction image. <3
suggestive170255 artist:longinius891 rarity201288 unicorn434316 anthro310114 absolute cleavage4587 alcohol8681 beach babe794 beautisexy1260 bikini22051 blushing234835 bracelet12478 breasts336152 busty rarity15372 cleavage40303 clothes549937 dialogue78685 female1579975 gem8002 glass5755 hand on hip10506 hat106481 heart59827 implied applejack850 implied lesbian4123 implied rarijack501 implied shipping6087 jewelry88697 legs together1477 mare604427 monochrome162710 offscreen character42915 partial color6084 pencil drawing9574 ribbon8077 simple background490847 solo1246563 solo female204412 speech bubble31037 sun hat1235 sweat32904 swimsuit34276 text74553 traditional art130111 white background126849 wine3047 wine glass1889


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