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Draw a ponifed fairy tale, nursery rhyme or legend / Draw a pony telling a ghostly story

Did I get the roles right?
safe1749838 artist:red4567937 prince blueblood4183 spike80483 twilight sparkle306047 alicorn232787 pony1009944 3d80275 atg 2020920 big crown thingy2411 bondage34879 bound and gagged917 element of magic2381 fairy tale66 fight6298 gag14983 jewelry68146 newbie artist training grounds6500 regalia21122 role reversal1422 source filmmaker48457 spikezilla511 sword11975 tied up6066 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126178 weapon31412


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Background Pony #42EB
princess saves the dragon from the prince… this feels like one of these sentence gap games… and looks like the way i'd answer it.
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