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safe1864735 screencap242501 applejack181124 fluttershy227956 pinkie pie229866 rainbow dash249735 rarity195155 twilight sparkle320330 alicorn254029 earth pony314724 pegasus357691 pony1209143 unicorn395310 cute-pocalypse meow138 my little pony: pony life6010 pony life6551 animated106666 cute220785 dashabetes10342 diapinkes10992 eyes closed109420 female1503951 gif35712 group hug1028 hug31490 jackabetes6738 mane six33958 raribetes6036 shyabetes15784 smiling298061 squishy cheeks2708 twiabetes13082 twilight sparkle (alicorn)132543


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Background Pony #385C
It might be’ not FiM, but you know what? I’m happy to see that the Mane 6 are gonna stick with us for a little longer (once the G5 starts, we can actually say goodbye to the Mane 6, since they won’t be part of it at all), even thought they’re not the same Mane 6 but… see this like TMNT: the characters are always different in every show, but their spirit is always the same.