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SFW Vesion of >>2375122

Credits to Viejillox who created this drawing a year ago

Please read my story here: >>2365150
semi-grimdark30379 alternate version49861 artist:viejillox64art223 applejack173313 octavia melody24228 sunset shimmer64812 oc712258 oc:milly scratch92 fighting is magic639 equestria girls207186 abs11577 abuse8067 alternative cutie mark placement1801 amazon619 american55 american flag425 angry28077 applejacked1258 armpits43397 background human6310 bags under eyes2070 belly button81332 bicep72 biceps1554 black and white13476 black bra214 black eye1109 bleeding681 blood25252 blood stains195 blouse615 boots22937 boss battle87 bowtie10639 boxer61 boxing1157 boxing gloves1053 boxing ring369 boxing shoes38 boxing shorts112 bra16506 breasts288788 busty applejack10824 busty oc1053 camera flash22 camera flashes94 canon x oc26144 cheering823 clenched fist265 clothes476227 commission73096 concentrating186 couple5640 crazy face975 cross767 cutie mark49718 cutie mark on clothes3208 cutie mark on human2033 dark skin4790 date919 determination136 determined784 determined look93 dialogue67972 digital art20170 dodge162 dragon eyes47 dripping blood67 engagement ring186 equestria girls-ified10099 exclamation point3970 eyes closed98144 face to face154 faic12535 female1402342 fight6300 fighter254 final battle55 final boss50 fist531 fit478 flag4027 focused65 frown23574 gloves20964 grayscale39250 green eyes4649 gritted teeth13239 group3569 growling385 gym shorts312 happy32192 hitting204 human coloration5383 implied lesbian3565 implied shipping5194 implied sonata dusk40 in love271 injured3385 jackabuse287 jacket13152 latin american131 latina11 left handed66 lesbian99299 light1544 lights852 married couple1078 mexican352 mexican flag33 mexico608 milly "santana" scratch2 moderate dark skin771 mouth guard61 muscles12843 muscular female1981 neutral28 not babs seed6 offscreen character35747 old art388 on guard4 one eye closed32528 open clothes2796 open jacket187 open mouth154503 outfit1387 pants15323 patriotic72 patriotism34 ponytail18853 public1573 punch1288 purple eyes2601 red eyes6521 red hair970 referee177 ring3666 rivalry238 rude167 serious1211 serious face1112 shadow4357 shipping205702 shirt26189 shoes38757 shorts14553 shrunken pupils3379 signature26944 skirt41094 sleeveless4953 sleeveless shirt72 slit pupils5098 smiling261136 snarling158 spanish4431 sports3862 sports bra3511 sports shoes47 sports shorts1185 spotlight1362 standing12899 suit6135 sunlly35 t-shirt4666 teeth10500 text62215 this will end in pain2036 tomboy1162 toned345 underwear62524 united states826 upset1236 wall of tags3656 watching1275 white bra56 white shirt67


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