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explicit343387 artist:askbubblelee1446 tempest shadow16604 unicorn311366 anthro253854 unguligrade anthro47035 abs10799 big breasts79508 breasts269889 broken horn13672 busty tempest shadow626 commission65407 cute195443 cute little fangs1982 eye scar4945 fangs24492 female1336942 gradient background12226 hooves17541 horn62148 looking at you163279 mare466801 muscles11812 muscular female1607 nipples161541 nudity361702 pubic hair7566 scar11670 smiling240534 solo1044243 solo female176920 thighs12569 vulva124601


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Background Pony #35EE
Seriously, I just wanna smooch each and every one of her scars and tell her how beautiful she is, how they do nothing to take away her beauty. How wonderful and deserving of happiness she is… as long as I could get a true, genuine smile out of her, I wouldn't care if she wanted to get freaky or not.