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Luna and Atremis have brought a new member into their family. His name is Moon Dust. Artemis found him as a pegasus on the streets, escaping the cruelty of the Canterlot Orphanage Caretakers. Moon Dust was in a broken state when Artemis found him, unable to use his back legs at all.

Not long after he found him, he had the Lunar Guards and the Night Watch of Canterlot, apprehend all the orphanage caretakers, as well as sent castle staff to guide the other little ones to Canterlot Castle's care center, that was used in time of great need. After hearing Moon Dust's story, Artemis decided to adopt him into the Lunar family, to become brother to their little daughter Moon Light. After a rough night of nightmares for Moon Dust, Artemis had gifted his new son with the Alicorn ascendancy, stating that with all he went through, and the fact that he thought about others, and not just himself, proved to Artemis, his new son was more then worthy to earn his ascendancy. And Artemis would argue with nobles later, that not only was Moon Dust worthy of his Alicorn gift, but it had saved his life as well, as Luna and Artemis came to find out.

Luna is helping Moon Dust to his feet by gently picking him up by his tail, and getting him to stand on his hooves. He is a little uneasy with his mended body, and he takes his first steps as an Alicorn slowly towards his new father, overwhelmed with all the Lunar family was now gifting him. But for the first time in his life, he is happy.

This art piece was made by the talented Backlash91 who'm has given me permission to post it here.

The story is based of an actual story I have going on Fimfiction, which is based off an RP session I had with an artist named NightmareEclipse on deviantart, who also gave me permission to use their OC, Artemis Eclipse, in this art piece.

For those who may be wondering how Artemis Eclipse got his scar and blind eye, from what NightmareEclipse told me, Artemis got his scar and blinded eye during a battle with King Sombra. Artemis is a gentle giant on most days, but he can be quite intimidating when he also dwarfs Princess Celestia in height. He is also one of the last alicorns you would want to piss off. Even Prince Blue Blood respects him.
safe1585326 artist:backlash91292 princess luna94171 oc608219 oc:artemis eclipse1 oc:moon dust(alicorn)1 alicorn199340 adopted offspring938 adoption238 blind in one eye19 colt13309 cute181047 family4022 father509 female1185426 gentle giant15 implied transformation369 luna's room73 male324382 mare426430 maternaluna110 mother2189 mother and child1280 mother and son2618 parent:oc:artemis eclipse1 parent:princess luna1936 scar10483 son295 stallion94219 tail20797 tail pull2026 tiny1079


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