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safe1709641 part of a set12162 fluttershy213005 dragonfly133 insect1770 pegasus293002 pony970673 official7653 china957 chinese2841 cute200293 female1366002 flower25718 part of a series2591 pond869 shyabetes13861 simple background394531 solar term20 solo1066349 summer solstice13 translated in the comments2656 white background98215 xiazhi1


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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!

"#Xiazhi#Comes, The heat is coming, the weather is getting hotter and hotter~ Pinkie hid in the pond to escape the heat, and played with the dragonfly happily Pony fans, do you have any good ideas to cool off in the summer?​​​​"