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Flame To Fire

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Ruby welcomes Pony Life with open arms.
safe1588756 artist:mega-poneo314 edit119801 edited screencap57344 screencap206660 applejack160069 fluttershy199971 gummy4865 pinkie pie204624 rainbow dash221172 rarity171284 spike74536 twilight sparkle284166 alicorn200063 alligator730 cat5530 dog8552 dragon49043 earth pony206596 pegasus248141 pony860475 rabbit4551 unicorn274739 my little pony: pony life4088 3d glasses223 animal3537 applejack's hat5743 cowboy hat13578 crossed arms4362 crossover58297 dialogue59709 female1230969 garnet (jewelpet)21 hat77420 jewelpet135 labra9 male331476 mane six29805 mare427901 meme79060 one eye closed26148 ruby (jewelpet)30 sanrio391 sapphie20 sega739 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116384 wink22106


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