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Meet Slither String :3

She s a punk rocker snake pony, who is the guitarist and lead singer of a rock band called Snake Pitt :3

Slither is a charismatic and skilled singer, who wanted to travel the world and show the world her music. She enjoys the life of the Rockstar, and has a lot of respect for fans, and likes to help out struggling new musicians when she can. Very far on the tomboy scale too.

Being from a hot, desert area, she grew up to hate the heat and so is not a fan or warm places, instead preferring to live and go to the more colder climates.

Slither is also a bisexual are. She isn't the type who is looking for a permanent relationship though, she is the one who likes one and done things. Which means that she has enjoyed giving a lot of her fans a very personal "backstage tour"~
safe1636373 alternate version39899 artist:urzhumdraw8 oc641050 oc only425865 oc:slither string3 original species23086 pony901460 snake2594 snake pony594 badge1098 bone2855 boots20440 choker10670 clothes434346 ear piercing23880 earring19483 female1302401 fishnets4992 freckles26737 guitar4660 jacket11628 jewelry56928 mare448294 musical instrument8812 nose piercing2519 nose ring2025 piercing37937 pins108 raised hoof41942 reference sheet11445 shoes33391 simple background369662 skull2873 solo1017827 spiked choker1386 tongue out96999 tongue piercing936 transparent background192052


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