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The three ponies responsible for a large portion of Twilight problems. lol

I was imagining the three of them as fillies forming a group dedicated to pranking the Mane6.
A mischievous version of the CMC, if you will =w=

As for why the clouds. Just thought it looked good. lol
safe1586905 artist:symbianl300 starlight glimmer44596 sunset shimmer57548 trixie62895 pony857040 unicorn274071 akanbe51 blushing177931 cape9243 clothes414896 cloud27759 counterparts849 cute181321 daaaaaaaaaaaw3223 diatrixes2876 equestria girls ponified4036 eyelid pull81 female1207476 filly59892 filly starlight glimmer458 filly sunset shimmer168 filly trixie210 frog (hoof)10388 glimmerbetes3490 hoofbutt1126 looking at you147825 magical trio435 open mouth125374 ponified38444 shimmerbetes3973 sky12230 smug5268 the anti twilight sparkle trio brigade2 tongue out91871 trio7465 trixie's cape3407 twilight's counterparts882 underhoof46798 weapons-grade cute3285 younger15565


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Background Pony #7C85
Sunset Shimmer = Chaotic Misschievous. Trixie Lulamoon = Neutral Misschievous. Starlight Glimmer = Lawful Misschievous.
Terminal Red

Starlight was stuck in a childish tantrum her while life, stunted by childhood memories that would not have held back a mature adult. Changing her hairstyle was a visual representation of her decision to grow up and stop being a Brat that the other two didn't need.