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All hail the Empress!

Tee hee, of course I am more than happy to let :iconrainbowtashie: illustrate this absolute rear unit of a mare.
safe1584358 artist:rainbowtashie579 king sombra12783 nightmare moon15891 queen chrysalis32661 oc607578 oc:empress sacer malum10 changeling41157 pony854766 bugbutt1342 butt32056 commissioner:bigonionbean1517 curved horn5898 cute180742 cutie mark41945 dawwww431 extra thicc716 flank1250 fusion4539 fusion:empress sacer malum10 horn47303 jewelry52915 moonbutt3037 plot71385 queen umbra967 regalia16901 royalty993 rule 6325037 simple background348221 transparent background180775 writer:bigonionbean1259


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