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Artist's description:

"It must be cold in this downpour, little one. Let's get you a nice warm meal.
Knights are still so cool o3o And look at all that liquid pride pouring from the sky.

Oooohhh probably the most ambitious piece I will do for this year's ATG. Definitely the combination of perspective, different pony sizes, environment, armor, etc. Ahh I decided the idea a long time ago when I was supposed to sketch this, but I delayed it until today to really get a strong, ambitious piece. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 24
Prompt: Draw a pony doing a good deed / Draw a pony being a stand up citizen

Nerd Shining Armor from that toy company"
safe1751033 artist:novaintellus221 shining armor23646 pony1011034 unicorn342497 armor24473 atg 2020920 city4396 female1402323 filly69653 force field638 knight1031 magic75408 male388179 monochrome152350 newbie artist training grounds6500 rain6254 royal guard8090 signature26944 smiling261124 stallion115787 sword11983 traditional art120279 unnamed character535 unnamed pony1564 weapon31439


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Artist -

Ты совершенно не умеешь расставлять теги к рисунку.
Нарисовано отлично, но поисковой робот не будет показывать твою работу так часто, как мои
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