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A commission from my friend Joystick on Discord to redesign his character Bazz Boost as an okapi, aka "zebra giraffe". It turned out quite well and he was ecstatic!

Note: My thanks to fin600 for makin' me realize that female okapi ain't normally grow horns, so I'll just call 'em "rudimentary horns", aka, a rare exception.
safe1586019 artist:firehearttheinferno12 oc608770 oc:bazz boost1 okapi126 black hooves14 black mane313 brown coat71 bush2333 cloud27735 cloudy5950 commission54932 cracks174 cute181158 dirt627 face markings68 female1186610 freckles25355 frolicking9 green eyes3551 happy28019 horns4872 jumping3049 leaping257 leonine tail7185 path311 sidewalk219 simple background348943 smiling218057 socks (coat marking)1750 solo982213 stripes993 tree28272 wasteland1146


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Lance Fire-Heart
Artist -

Hobby Artist
@fin600 Aww shucks, thank ya very much! ^ w ^

Female Okapi don't have horns, though.

…Oh… well, fiddlesticks! Agh… [research intensifies] Turns out, in most cases, you're correct, friend; most female okapi do not have horns. However, some will develop "rudimentary horns". (kinda like how ~15% of female narwhals develop the tusks they're famous for) That said, I'm just gonna call 'em that. At least I kept them small, heh… ^ ^; In any case, thank you for pointin' that out to me. You input is most appreciated! :3
Lance Fire-Heart
Artist -

Hobby Artist
Heh, why thank ya kindly! Oh, heh, 'sorry 'bout that. I felt the need to enhance her freckles as a final adjustment, so I reuploaded and queue a report to merge with the original upload with all the tags n' such. Her name's Bazz Boost and I was commissioned to redesign her nearly from scratch by a friend o' mine on the "FO:E Writers Group (Do better)" server on Discord.