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It’s, uh, fairly worse than this, actually, and almost certainly involves multiple people and conspirators. A really big shitshow that one can only hope the FGC comes back from in the right ways. Trying to label it as “ugh cancel culture nonsense” is pretty intellectually bankrupt and really just doing a disservice to the innocent people involved.
Ultimately, EVO Online getting cancelled doesn’t take away the fact that TFH got invited to EVO in the first place. It really sucks not to get the livestream exposure that was certainly going to happen, but there’s reason to be excited for this big community-led tournament they’re going to have instead. I’d stay tuned for the good stuff.
EDIT: Also, curious as to why this upload refreshed. I’m guessing it was a better quality video upload?
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@Brass Melody  
Cancel culture is ruining someone’s career over the time they said the N word 20 years ago.  
This is a case of a guy asking a 17yr old to show him his penis in exchange for $20… 20 years ago. Thinking about it, the EVO guy’s age is never listed ever, so he might have been only one year older at the time for all we know… But there are other supposed accusations! Just, none that any single news article is willing to actually give sources on.
Hm. It might be cancel culture nonsense.
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Brass Melody
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Gas Loving Banana Boy
Hang on why did they decide to do their own tourney?  
Briefly looks through EVO posts  
Ooooooohhhhhhhh. More Metoo/Cancel Culture nonsense.
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@Rainboom Dash  
Ya know, the community is about kindness and sharing. I got to post it initially, it got featured, and I feel really proud about that. You personally uploaded the version that is on display right now so honestly it’s not incorrect.
I honestly leave it up to you.
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@Rainboom Dash  
Well to be fair the 60 fps version IS the one you uploaded. I was going to upload a 1080p 60fps version, but it was nearly 30 mb which is over the file size limit, and you somehow got all of that quality under 25mb.
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I'm not famous.
@Rainboom Dash  
You should! And help advertise it to people who are already fans of fighting games, or who might otherwise be interested in this game. The more people play it, the more it spreads by word of mouth, and more sales mean more money with which to make characters and console ports with.
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I'm not famous.
I think it was because it was finished by a completely different team not on Hasbro’s radar, and with much, much less fanfare than the game had been getting by being at EVO.
@Rainboom Dash  
You got “Spirit of the Plains” and your reward is the in-game flair and possibly the Tennis Shoe palette, but I’m not sure. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AT_FR5jgyLCj8GHqAYUMhsYTdnjS2kNyX9gwoPPJbgI/edit
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Rainboom Dash
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I’m sorry for having to endure the 30 fps version on here for a few days.. apparently it won’t be replaced while it’s being featured and even afterwards it’s very slow to get it merged
I bought the 55 dollar tier on indiegogo and only played it for literally a few minutes.. but now I might finally have the motivation to play it
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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
Yeah, definitely I know people have different sides to this. XD and that’s okay.
I wanted the game to expand on FIM’s lore. Alas, it didn’t come to pass. But hey, it’s everycreature now so there is always fanfic to connect this world with FIM. XD
@Prince Areo
You bet I do! ;) All the characters though are exceptionally cute.