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safe1689461 artist:sugar morning1336 oc673919 oc only442616 oc:midnight aegis48 oc:peach hack31 bat pony48959 pegasus285229 pony951137 :34459 :t3752 animated97701 behaving like a cat2155 biting3711 biting wing3 blushing194701 commission66680 couple5305 cute197317 cute little fangs2025 fangs24803 female1347389 floppy ears51432 frame by frame4006 grooming750 heart47647 hoof hold8221 hoofy-kicks756 male366992 mare472661 nom3040 oc x oc15194 ocbetes5038 on side6639 onomatopoeia4090 pink background2892 preening1027 shipping197910 simple background387604 spread wings53760 stallion106553 straight134652 weapons-grade cute3656 wings103847


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Background Pony #2D11
Be careful if you help a pegasus preen her wings. Among them it's considered a very intimate act.