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A big, beautiful dumpster fire.


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Background Pony #B4D6
@Background Pony #2936
can’t speak for recently, but it used to be a matter of: What’s this? You’re making me look wrong about something or making me look dumb by proving me wrong? deletes post
Or lord help you if you posted a meme image that a mod didn’t like, it’d vanish quicker than a explicit image post on safe image!
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Background Pony #2936
Rule 0 is basically “don’t be a dick”.
I’d say that was a fair application of the rule. The BP was being a dick, and if not that, his comment was unhelpful and likely to cause escalation in a comment section that was probably already going out of control.
I can’t really say that definitively, though, because whoever took those screenshots has conveniently cropped out the moderator’s response.
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@Background Pony #C522  
This is about more than just pedophilia and racism like you people keep mindlessly spouting out. Look at the kind of shit that is going on with this site. What about this is rule 0? They simply stated the opinion that the other staff members should be apologizing. They didn’t name call or swear at anyone. Their comment was well within the rules instated on the site, but they were silenced regardless because the abusive staff can’t handle criticism.
Read while you can. I’m likely going to be censored soon myself for some of the incriminating shit I’ve been posting.
Background Pony #C522
The fandom is fucked now just wait until the inevitable “they are all pedos and sexual predators” like it happen with the Smash community
Background Pony #A9BD
@Background Pony #816B  
It’s ironic how in this comment, you both admit that there is power abuse going on with the admins, and then turn around and say the people complaining are just a bunch of pedophiles and bigots.
You ever consider that maybe… just maybe it’s the power abuse you literally just mentioned that a lot of people have a problem with? That is the big issue here.
I could care less what some Nazi or baby diddler think. Moderators on a site like this should treat people fairly and without any sort of bias. Plain and simple. This site is like a Gmod RP server. A bunch of kids who don’t know what they are doing are in charge.
Background Pony #816B
From what I understood, a mix of power abuse from the admins and the bigoted, perverted side of the fandom whining about not being able to do what they want. Power abuse is extremely bad, but I’m going to take the admins’ side in this one.