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Commission for @DaveMan1K

- 4k on Patreon
- feed me if you want :I
suggestive141086 artist:anthroponiessfm1449 apple bloom49090 scootaloo51019 sweetie belle48736 anthro256888 3d74564 big breasts80727 breasts274052 busty apple bloom1733 busty scootaloo1201 busty sweetie belle2080 cleavage34212 clothes454008 commissioner:daveman100023 cuffs4358 cutie mark crusaders18919 female1349194 females only12355 gun15809 handgun2705 hat85583 looking at you165828 older26315 older apple bloom2074 older scootaloo2010 older sweetie belle2281 pistol2065 police1156 police uniform478 sexy28939 shirt24449 shorts13767 source filmmaker45420


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Spike(nervously): So, what are you girls trying to get your marks in now?
Scootaloo: Isn’t it obvious? Cutie Mark Police Officers.
Apple Bloom: And Ah’m afraid your under arrest, Spike.
Sweetie Belle: We’re going to have to to take you in for giggle interrogation.