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Commission for @DaveMan1K

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suggestive135105 artist:anthroponiessfm1353 apple bloom47993 scootaloo50125 sweetie belle47769 anthro245348 3d69695 big breasts75826 breasts260408 busty apple bloom1623 busty scootaloo1123 busty sweetie belle1969 cleavage32820 clothes435012 cuffs4077 cutie mark crusaders18567 female1303922 females only12002 gun15347 handgun2591 hat81665 looking at you156570 older24872 older apple bloom1916 older scootaloo1882 older sweetie belle2112 pistol1993 police1125 police uniform457 sexy27392 shirt22960 shorts13098 source filmmaker42407


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Spike(nervously): So, what are you girls trying to get your marks in now?
Scootaloo: Isn’t it obvious? Cutie Mark Police Officers.
Apple Bloom: And Ah’m afraid your under arrest, Spike.
Sweetie Belle: We’re going to have to to take you in for giggle interrogation.