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safe2119478 artist:orin331676 moondancer5911 princess ember8399 starlight glimmer58575 sunset shimmer77374 trixie78128 twilight sparkle349957 alicorn303041 dragon81436 pony1548125 unicorn513109 g41933938 alternate hairstyle36413 butt219338 confused6435 counterparts929 creep10 creepy5643 creepy smile857 dragoness13531 ember's worst nightmare6 face blindness16 female1742175 frown34202 glasses85196 glowing horn28202 grin60114 high res103293 horn173180 imminent rape1899 imminent sex10147 levitation15743 magic93814 mare704159 open mouth225815 pigtails6309 plot136149 prosopagnosia19 scared13831 self-levitation724 smiling377484 telekinesis37840 this will end in communism329 trolling523 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146104 twilight's castle5288 twilight's counterparts922 twintails2216 upside down7141 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2434


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Background Pony #25DE
With equal cutie marks, it is a real true nightmare for Ember, she can’t handle communism.
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Former PRG Guy
In a neaby local town, ponies can be distinguished by their mane and cutie mark. However, it takes one dragon to realize that it’s not usually the case, especially when five ponies look exactly alike. Prepare for your worst fears to come true when you fly to…
The Twilight Zone!