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Nobody denied that censorship isn't a uniquely Derpibooru thing. But trying to detract from the issue because "well other people do it too!" is simply being disingenuous. It ignores all factual evidence and history with regards to this site's iniquity. At this point if you continue to support that line of thinking you're being willfully ignorant, period.

And… I think I've acquired a touch of retrograde amnesia.
one of the sites you champion
When have I ever personally stated this, Tex? Please tell me, 'cause I really wanna know.
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Your current thing is whining about ~~le censorship~~, and there's a list of things the admins on one of the sites you champion— but refuse to just… go to instead— will delete because they disagree with them.

So many people lately are acting like Derpibooru is the first place that ever told them to act like grownups, and it's starting to look like I should take them at their word.
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@Background Pony #CBCE
The truth hurts, doesn't it?

The ones with an agenda often prevail. But often the ones who "win" are not the ones in the right, but rather the ones with the strongest agenda.

Admins on Derpibooru are entirely willing to delete or disallow comments or images they disagree with and support the viewpoints they approve. 'Tis a sad reality.
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Background Pony #CBCE
Imagine being banned like 30 times for mouthing people off and still believing you are in the right.
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The only "life choice" I regret right now was not putting "" in anti-nazi to make "anti-nazi".
Because your side claims to be "anti-nazi" while you are just using it to remove content that offends you. Even though filters exist.