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safe1637207 derpy hooves49016 lyra heartstrings28698 rainbow dash226334 oc641542 oc:fluffle puff2858 pegasus264984 pony902533 unicorn294249 derpibooru6983 the end of derpibooru73 /mlp/9292 4chan6655 arrow1978 arrows143 comments locked down167 debate in the comments234 female1303127 floppy disk59 fluffybooru33 graveyard of comments134 iwtcird928 lyra plushie262 lyrabooru1 mare448629 meme80177 meta16333 plothole plush lyra145 plushie22898 ponerpics7 ponybooru11 rainbooru8 simple background369991 text54930 white background91767


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Invisible Enemy
I gave already all my arguments to TexasUberAlles.
Over, and over, and over… Go some comments back if you're interested. And I wasn't the only one, another guys were with me too. I'm tired of this shit, but I won't relent. Want to stay here repeating the same crap? Forget of myself trying to be reasonable

Invisible Enemy
Is a little bit hard say who's wrong and who's right, because you need a lot of facts and proofs, but I can tell you already that the administrators are definitely not the good ones here. Since supporting the censorship, deleting images and commentaries for stupid reasons, (It includes a possible ban of the site) and even directly abuse of their power.

Green means go!
@Background Pony #780C
It's not about MLP.
This is about the site policies – "Pick your replacement" means to leave Derpi, and replace it with one of the websites from this image, so that you could "stop complaining".

Be the way, it is still unclear for me about who's right and who's wrong. Because, if you, for example, the owner of this website, you can do what you want. Otherwise, you'll be violating artists' rights.

Lyrabooru, Fluffybooru, Foalcon and Rainbooru — not Philomena imageboard
Ponybooru and Ponerpics — Philomena imageboard
Officer Hotpants
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The most of one character. Twilight, to be specific. Based on the numbers of several large image boards, she appears to have the highest individual pornographic image count on the internet. Which means that she has the highest individual pornographic image count in human history. Let that sink in.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I've heard that before, although I can't remember where. If not second place, then MLP's definitely still high on the list. Pokemon is definitely top though, there's just a metric fuckton of Pokeporn floating around and it's kinda hard to deny, yo.

Digimon's definitely up there too.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
@Officer Hotpants
To be fair, I'm looking at the numbers based on the content that I've saved myself and my "Cute" folder pretty much overwhelms my "Porn" folder. Then again, I'm super addicted to cute stuff, so maybe I'm a bad example xD .

British Space Nazi
Safe still makes up 72% of the content here.
It's really not that bad. We just have some very prolific NSFW artists that make it seem like there is an overwhelming amount of porn being made.

It would be interesting to make a detailed calculation by breaking it down to a year by year to see if there is a higher or lower percentage of porn these days, contrasting to previous years, but I'm not sure if it's possible to search by a date range.