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So I basically did a quickie and a test with this pic. I basically made Twi's model and Stationmaster's ass model as big as possible. This is the max size I could do with them in SFM. It came out decently well for just a test pic

P.S. The quality of the pic may be a little lower due to having issues exporting the image without the butt model breaking, so this is the best I could get
suggestive130714 artist:mrm116 pinkie pie205762 twilight sparkle285849 alicorn202234 earth pony210151 pony867848 3d66320 butt38269 butt crush244 domination1682 faceful of ass515 facesitting3056 female1271439 femdom7326 femsub9507 giant alicorn106 giant pony4290 giant twilight sparkle43 huge butt8564 impossibly large butt6517 large butt13917 macro10101 mare431817 mega twilight sparkle137 pinkiesub187 size difference12576 source filmmaker40251 starkle53 submissive14122 the ass was fat12831 thicc ass922 twibutt4805 twidom1019 twilight has a big ass320 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117164 wings83824


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