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Fluttershy is so evil in this show.
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Going by the "Pony Life being Pinkie Pie's fanfics" headcanon. I'm also gonna headcanon this is how Pinkie thinks of Fluttershy right after Putting Your Hoof Down.(Even though Twilight has wings)
Background Pony #4FC1
I love how the crowd screams in terror when Fluttershy shows up, yet they still look happy XD
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Bespectacled Birbcat
Yeah, Flutters is snarky, sarcastic, and aggressive in Pony Life. But then sometimes she acts sweet or vulnerable, but the fact that she has on-demand power with her size changing ability makes any presented vulnerability seem fake. This two-faced, manipulative portrayal of her reminds me of some early FiM fanfics.

But Pony Life isn't to be taken seriously :P It's essentially a Gmod skit, so it's all in good fun